I am a curious Indian kitchen adventurer living in The Netherlands. I like food, appreciate gastronomical complexities, and I am constantly in search of the story behind recipes. I love to travel, study recipes, and bring a bit of what I have enjoyed outside my home back to my kitchen. allthatmasala was developed to share my food adventures, and I'm in constant lookout for inspirations, new flavours, and basically, the story behind your plate!


I have grown up in the cities, villages, islands, metros, and places known and unknown. I have mostly done this with my Mom, Dad and twin brothers. After a few years of living by myself in between, I made Rotterdam my home, where I live with my husband and occasionally host my brothers to camp over!


My Mom has unknowingly influenced my respect & affinity towards different flavours tremendously. She is a wonderful vegetarian who cooks the most delicious meat curries for us, brought the Punjabi and South Indian flavours from neighboring kitchen to our humble Oriya dinner table, and follows her heart when it comes to preparing food. No measurements, no recipes - just follows her heart. I inherited my desire to constantly feed everyone around me from her, my granny, and my aunts. At my home, we discuss dinner while getting the final serving of lunch on our plates!


When I am not cooking, you'll find me fiddling with data, analyzing patterns, and thinking about ways in which I can better inform people who might be benefitted by data science. I am a data product manager by profession and juggle my passion for data and technology with my love for food :)


Contact me if you have a yummy story to share!