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Mushroom Thai burger patty - can't say no to this one!

Mushroom Thai burger patty - can't say no to this one!

It was a warm summer’s evening when we felt like relishing burgers at the luxury of a balcony that was warm and sun that was generous. With the onset of autumn, days like these seem like a dream but the beauty is that we lived some of those dreamy warm days this year. I was certainly late in posting this one up, but the comfort of looking back to past and nice evenings is something I cannot say no to!


Cleaning up pantry and preparing vegan burgers have always gone hand in hand in my kitchen. I love how versatile the vegan burger patties can be, and how easily they can become your own recipe. Over the years, I have learnt that they key to a good vegan patty is the consistency, so that it doesn’t break while frying. I have a stock of things in my pantry to aid the consistency bit, from chickpea flour, to quick oatmeal - they all somehow manage to bind the trickiest of ingredients together without fail. Of course, balance of flavors comes prime to a good vegan burger, and this one was a winner the other day. We had a bit of everything in this burger, which made it super special. We had fresh thai flavors from the lemongrass, intense fragrance induced by mushrooms and the red chili kick for that satisfying feeling. It was one happy evening to recall with my happy family!


Thai mushroom vegan burger, how can we ever say no to this one?!


Prepares - 8 burger patties

Time to prepare - 15 minutes

Time to cook - 20 minutes



  1. 2 tbsp freshly chopped lemongrass
  2. 1 lime - zested and juiced
  3. 1 red onion
  4. 1 inch piece of ginger
  5. 3 cloves of garlic
  6. 1 red chilli, deseeded
  7. 1/2 beetroot
  8. 1 small carrot
  9. 1 tbsp cumin powder
  10. A handful of fresh coriander leaves & stalk
  11. 5-6 mushrooms
  12. 1 tin/250-300gm black lentils
  13. 8 tbsp oats
  14. 4-5 tbsp plain flour
  15. Salt to taste
  16. Oil to shallow fry the burger patty



  1. Blitz all the hard ingredients and flavoring (1-10) in a food processor until they break down into tiny pieces. Then add the soft ingredients (11-14), and salt and blitz until smooth. At the juncture if the mixture is too liquidy, add a few tbsp of oat and flour to dry out the liquid.
  2. Form patties out of the ingredients and shallow fry in oil. Alternatively, one can brush some oil on top and bake/airfryer at 200 degrees celsius for 15 minutes on each side in the oven, and 10 minutes in the airfryer in total.
  3. Combine with leaves, sauces, and burger of your choice and enjoy!
Vegetarian paneer chickpea burger patty

Vegetarian paneer chickpea burger patty