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White poppy seeds and zucchini - making it royal, curry by curry

White poppy seeds, or posto, as they call it in my hometown, is usually prepared with potatoes and ridge gourd and its flavor is kept intact in preparations by staying away from additional spices. I used up the zucchini at hand and wasn’t disappointed. I might be also guilty of adding a tad bit of spice to my version, because I like it that way! 

Raw jackfruit curry - almost tastes like mutton!

After coming to the  Netherlands, jackfruit was not something that I frequently encountered in grocery stores, maybe once or twice I sighted something like-it in Asian supermarkets and very quickly I came to the realisation that it was a similar looking cousin durian and not really the jackfruit that I knew, oops! It was not too long ago that I came across a tin of preserved jackfruit in the Asian supermarket and I was quite curious to try my luck with that. The advantage of buying a tinned jackfruit in brine is largely that I don't have to to go through all the hassle of chopping and cleaning one, but nothing can really substitute the flavour of a fresh homegrown jackfruit. I think until I figure out where exactly jackfruit is sold fresh out here, and master the craft of chopping it up, the tins are going to be my buddies!